Genesect Raid Hour: Last Chance For Shiny Genesect In Pokémon GO

Genesect is currently the Tier Five raid boss in Pokémon GO for the Ultra Unlock: Unova Week event. Because this Mythical Pokémon is leaving on Friday as this event ends, that means that tonight at 6PM local time is the one and only Genesect Raid Hour. If you haven't yet caught your Shiny Genesect, now is the time to grind out this Raid Hour before the Paleozoic Pokémon leaves raids.

Genesect Raid Hour offers the last chance to get a Shiny Genesect for some time. Credit: Niantic
Genesect Raid Hour offers the last chance to get a Shiny Genesect for some time. Credit: Niantic

Defeating Genesect

Make sure you don't miss our complete Genesect Raid Guide. Genesect, as with last week's Deoxys, is one of the easiest Tier Five Pokémon for Level 40 players to duo using Best Friend bonus and the best counters which, in this case, are Fire-types. For all other trainers, four players with any mixture of even somewhat viable counters will be able to bring down this Pokémon.

When will Genesect return?

It's uncertain. Genesect is expected to return in different forms like Deoxys, as its Pokédex entry shows different forms for its different Drives: Shock Drive, Burn Drive, Chill Drive, and Douse Drive, all of which will add different typings to this Pokémon. It is likely that, when it returns, it will not be this Normal version.

Finding other players

Before Remote Raid Invites, many Pokémon GO players would watch gyms, waiting to see if trainers entered them. However, Niantic has recently made changes that make Raid Hour easier, including the long-anticipated change where Raid Passes are not consumed until the battle begins. Taking this into consideration, those trainers without a group to raid with can open up raid lobbies showing others that they are interested, and then, if no one else enters, they can leave without being charged a Pass. Rural players with no gyms around can also rejoice, as Reddit, Discord, and Facebook is filled with Pokémon GO players looking to invite people to Remote Raids. Not only can trainers battle Genesect during their own hour, but they can now continue to play Raid Hour as long as it's going on somewhere in the world.

Bleeding Cool wishes those looking for a Shiny Genesect good luck, and stay tuned for our upcoming coverage as Niantic announces the next raid boss.

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