GI Joe: Cobra Strike Graded Atari Game Up For Auction At ComicConnect

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GI Joe has had quite a few video games over the years. One game, however, is…how do we say this…more special than the others. The Cobra Strike game made for Atari is not good at all, but for most, it was their first experience with Joes after the brand relaunched in the '80s. Up for auction right now at ComicConnect, part of Event Auction #46, is a graded copy of the game. This one is also unique because the back box art is printed upside down. As of this writing, it is sitting at $31, so a GI Joe collector can still get a bargain on this one with a really great box. Check it out down below.

At Least Graded This GI Joe Game Displays Well

"A++ Seal Rating; Third-party V-Overlap Seam; Box back assembled upside-down;
Written by John Emerson; First video game based on G.I. Joe; Based on the G.I. Joe toy line.
The headquarters of the G.I. Joe Special Mission Forces is under siege by the archenemy Cobra! Cobra, an evil organization determined to take over the world, has appeared in the form of a giant cobra snake. Right now, it looms over the camp, threatening disaster. So on the double! Man, your positions! Defend the camp! Destroy the villain before it's too late!"

Being the first GI Joe video game, and with the box error, this is a great addition to any Joe collectors shelf. I know quite a few who will have eyes on this one, so go here and take a harder look and place a bid, and while there, check out all of the other games taking bids during this auction. There is some pretty great stuff to take a look at and bid on in this lot.

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