Gigabyte Reveals The AORUS 15P Ultra-Thin Professional Gaming Laptop

This week, Gigabyte revealed its latest professional gaming laptop with the ultra-thin model known as the AORUS 15P. The company basically went out of their way with this latest model as they designed it specifically to work within the realm of esports. So basically this thing is built to take on the biggest AAA titles at their most extreme graphical best and performance capabilities. All while communicating with other players and keeping you online with the best hardware possible. You can read the details about it below as this model will set you back $1,600.

Gigabyte Reveals The AORUS 15P Ultra-Thin Professional Gaming Laptop
Credit: Gigabyte

Professional design begins with high level collaboration. AORUS works with professional Esports teams to get first hand input to ensure quality build and design. The result is sleek, high-quality built laptops tailored for professional gaming in terms of performance, display and keyboard. Having perfected the ultra-performance professional grade gaming laptops, Gigabyte brings you the AORUS 15P designed with enthusiasts in mind. The AORUS 15P inherits the features and capabilities of that AORUS Pro Gaming series, bringing the key components from hard-core gaming into the realm of enthusiasts. Providing exceptional performance and heat dissipation while adopting a thinner per-key RGB keyboard. Weighing in at only 2 kg (Under 5 lbs); the sturdy chassis passed a series of pressure tests while still supporting the speed-oriented aesthetics of the AORUS series. Inspired by supercars, Gigabyte crafted a simple low-key elegant chassis, yet appealing battery life is not compromised in the new enthusiast model with up to eight hours of battery life, the brand-new AORUS 15P offers excellent portability.

Performance-wise, AORUS 15P comes with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPUs and the 10th gen Intel Core i7-10750H processor. Applying Gigabyte's exclusive Windforce Infinity laptop cooling technology, which incorporates 12-volts dual fans, 5 heat pipes and multiple vents, AORUS 15P is able to have both CPU and GPUs work at full speed without throttling, ensuring gamers higher in-game FPS and a smooth experience when enjoying AAA titles. Keeping an eye on victory, AORUS 15P is equipped with a 144 Hz gaming display. The high refresh rate can effectively reduce blur, allowing for smoother gameplay and improve in-game performance. In addition, this display supports 72% NTSC, capable of displaying more details and colors compared to a 45% NTSC display that can be commonly seen on laptops of the same level. With far better performance on colorfulness, saturation, contrast and gradient effects, AORUS 15P provides gamers with clearer and more vivid images.

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