Gran Turismo Sport Is Getting 12 New Cars Next Week

Gran Turismo Sport Is Getting 12 New Cars Next Week
credit// Kazunori Yamauchi via Twitter

Gran Turismo Sport Producer Kazunori Yamauchi took to Twitter today to tease the 12 new cars coming in the next game update, which will hit next week. Yamauchi tweeted the image above, which gives us a glimpse at those cars in silhouette. Some of them are a bit unrecognizable, but we can take a guess at quite a few of the others. We will certainly be getting an Audi R8 model, a newer Lamborghini that could very well be the Aventador, two versions of the Alpine A110, a Toyota Supra model, a Ford Mustang, and what could be a classic Porsche.

While the update is coming next week, we only know about the new cars that are making their way onto the game. There are likely other changes coming with the patch, but Polyphony Digital have not released those details just yet.

You can check out Yamauchi's full tweet below.

Gran Turismo Sport received a pretty significant update back in January, with another major patch just back in December. Both of those updates came with new cars and some free in-game swag as well as balance and game-play updates. Yamauchi promised back in December that wet weather conditions would be coming to GT Sport though we do not have a release date for those. Its possible we might see some of those dynamic weather conditions come with this new patch.

Gran Turismo Sport is currently available exclusively for PS4.

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