Hadum's Realm Has Now Been Added To Black Desert Mobile

The latest update to Black Desert Mobile from Pearl Abyss has added a little darkness to the world as Hadum's Realm is now in the game. If the image below didn't tip you off, this is basically a place where chaos and darkness reign as it is ruled by Hadum, the Goddess of Darkness. In order to get in you must be protected by light using holy water, but once you step into the area with the light, you can fight against more powerful monsters created by the Goddess. You can read the full patch notes for this addition here as we have the basics for you below.

Its not every day you get to see one of theses in your town square. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
Its not every day you get to see one of theses in your town square. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
As the dominion of the Goddess of Darkness, Hadum's Realm mirrors Elion's Realm and is a place where chaos and darkness reign. One must be in possession of Blessings of Light to ward back the darkness and chaos inherent to Hadum's Realm. Without it, you will be expelled outright. Adventurers! Use the Blessings of Light to protect yourselves and defeat the monsters enraptured by Hadum's rule. These monsters have been consumed by darkness, warping them into something more destructive and cruel. They hide in the shadows of the realm and target Adventurers relentlessly. Don't let your guard down! May the God of Light be with you, Adventurers.

Black Desert Mobile: Hadum's Realm Entry Requirement and Missions

  • The Hadum Family Mission [Harbinger of Darkness] can be accepted after completing the Main Mission [The Rightful King] in Mediah.
  • Finishing the Hadum Family Questline with ([Battling in Hadum]) will unlock the [Hadum's Realm]  Story Questline in the Story Menu.
  • The Story Questline [Hadum's Realm] takes place in Hadum: Heidel and Hadum: Glish. Hadum: Glish will be accessible only after completing the Story Quest [A Mysterious Sighting].

Atmosphere Changes: Elion's Realm

  • With Hadum's Realm becoming accessible, the sun will rise and set as normal, and atmospheric effects in Elion's Realm will return to normal.

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