HAL Laboratory Teases New Kirby Games In 2021

Something really awesome to look forward to in 2021 is that it looks like HAL Laboratory have new Kirby games coming. A little something that 4Gamer did this year was put togetehr a bunch of quotes from Japanese game developers from multiple companies and asked them what their plans were for 2021. In the mix, whioch you can read translated from a couple different websites below, are three men from HAL Labratory. While the first two quotes are teasers for good things to come, its the third from director Yumi Todo that caught everyone's attention, as he basically let it out that there are more games on the way next year, along with merchendise and other goodies. While we did get a game this year in the surprise of Kirby Fighters 2, it does feel like it's been a minute since we've had what would be considered a lengthy title from the company. Here's hoping we get some good news on it earlier in 2021 rather than later, even though it feels liek something we won't learn more about until the Summer.

Who wouldn't want more Kirby games to come out? Courtesy of Nintendo.
Who wouldn't want more Kirby games to come out? Courtesy of Nintendo.

Tadashi Kawai

We at HAL Laboratory will continue to deliver games in 2021 filled with three key values: surprise, fun, and warmth. Thank you very much.

Teruhiko Suzuki

In 2021, I want to release another kind of weird game from HAL Egg! And please play Part-Time UFO! It's a fun game that you'll absolutely enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Yumi Todo

We'll keep working hard on our goal in 2021. That is, for as many people as possible to enjoy Kirby. We have plans not only for games but also for merchandise, books, and a variety of events like with the Kirby Cafe. We hope you'll continue to support both Kirby and HAL Laboratory in 2021!

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