Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Announced August 2021 Events

Niantic has announced their August 2021 schedule for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Now remember, July threw everything off a bit by starting its Brilliant Event in the last week of the month, so the line-up here is slightly unusual.

Brilliant Event graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic
Brilliant Event graphic in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Credit: Niantic

Niantic posted the followed over at the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite forum:

Wormtail and the Marauders Adversaries Event: 2 August at 11 a.m. PT – 5 August at 11 a.m. PT A surge of Peter Pettigrew Adversaries are expected to arrive. It'll take all your skills to make these sneaky rats turn tail.

Note that this is the only Adversaries event happening this month in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is quite odd. There are usually two. I've wondered for some time when Niantic will act on these Adversaries Events, which have been consistently unenjoyable since launch. Something needs to be done and if pulling back on them in favor of Convergences is what that something is, I see that as a positive.

1920s Wizarding World Convergence: 7 August 12:01 a.m. – 8 August 11:59 p.m. local time Pick up your wands and start on new adventures through the memories of a world from over a century ago.

This is the previously announced event that will bring new Fantastic Beasts-inspired content to the game.

Secrets Revealed Brilliant Event Part 2: 9 August 11 a.m. PT – 16 August 11 a.m. PT Help return Brilliant Foundables to Aragog's Lair, including Rubeus Hagrid and Acromantula Eggs.

This continues from the Secrets Revealed Brilliant Event that ran in July. The first part of the event continued the storyline of Ron Weasley regaining his memories as well as the reveal that Gareth Greengrass is working for the Unforgivable.

1920s Wizarding World Convergence: 18 August 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. local time Unlock special Portmanteaus and collect Fragments for the new 1920s Registry Page.

Two in one month certainly implies a major focus on these 1920s Convergences moving forward.

August Community Day: All day Saturday, 21 August from 12:01 a.m.–11:59 p.m. local time Stock up on joke products for this Community Day. Encounter more Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes Traces and earn guaranteed drops from Forest Chamber IV and above to prestige your page.

Community Days are another Harry Potter: Wizards Unite feature in need of a major shift. We already had a Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes-themed Community Day recently, but the structure of these days leaves Niantic with few choices but to repeat. I've said this consistently, but the way to save these is to have these Community Days focus on Brilliant Foundables from previous events to help players fill out the Event Registry.

Prisoner of the Vow Brilliant Event Part 1: 23 August 11 a.m. PT – 30 August 11 a.m. PT A surge around memories of the third year reveals Brilliant Dementors and Boggart Confoundables.

A new Brilliant Event begins! This Prisoner of Azkaban theme is sure to get some hype going.

Then, finally we end the month and move into September with some back-to-school action.

Back to Hogwarts Event: 30 August 11 a.m. PT – 3 September 11 a.m. PT Celebrate the memories of returning to school with this Hogwarts themed event.

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