Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dumbledore's Army Part 2 Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been taking some daring narrative turns with their Brilliant Event recently. Now, in the Dumbledore's Army Brilliant Event Part 2, some of the game's biggest ever revelations are made… but was it fun to play?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dumbledore's Army Part 2 Brilliant Event image. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dumbledore's Army Part 2 Brilliant Event image. Credit: Niantic

The Gameplay

Not a complaint here. Niantic has made good on their promise to improve on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite events all month, and this Brilliant Event is no different. Foundables spawned on the map frequently, returning them was challenging but not too difficult as to drain Spell Energy, and the Special Assignment was tough but doable. All-in-all, the direction the gameplay for Wizards Unite events has taken this month is stellar.

One thing that I personally maintain should be removed is the tasks that always happen later in the Special Assignments that require wizards and switched to place a certain amount of images in the Brilliant Event Registry page. This leads players to hold off on placing images while playing, which goes against the spirit of the game.

The Brilliant Registry

While not as stunning as September or October's Registry pages, the Brilliant Room of Requirement page featured in this event was still easy on the eyes. The artwork for these is usually great and Luna Lovegood and her Hare Patronus were major standouts.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Story

The narrative gets more and more interesting. Any Harry Potter fan not playing is missing out, as this one throws players and readers for a real curveball with the Unforgivable storyline, which alludes to a cabal of dark witches and wizards. The true strength of the game lies in making the player feel like part of the story without making the Harry Potter universe bend over backward to make the mechanics of the game make sense. Instead, the story is told with confidence, daring to step forward in J. K. Rowling's universe with a story featuring the cast of the books. Great stuff for any fan.

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