Harry Potter: Wizards Unite October Wizarding Weekend Full Tasks

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will celebrate the coming of October's Dark Arts month with a Wizarding Weekend that begins Friday, October 2nd at 11 AM Pacific. You can read the full details of the event in our report here. This Wizarding Weekend will feature a Special Assignment and, ahead of the event, Bleeding Cool has a full breakdown of the tasks, rewards, and more.

Wizards Unite's October 2020 Wizarding Weekend promo image. Credit: Niantic
Wizards Unite's October 2020 Wizarding Weekend promo image. Credit: Niantic
  • Complete 10 Wizarding Challenges with 3 or more teammates: 1 Powdered Dragon Claw
  • Defeat 25 foes in Wizarding Challenges: 6 Snowdrop
  • Earn 2000 Dark Arts Family XP: 2 Strong Exstimulo Potion
  • Return 25 Portrait of Voldemort: 3 Dark Arts Runestones
  • Return 20 Percival Graves: 10 Spell Energy
  • Return 15 Tom Riddle: 10 Spell Energy
  • REWARDS: 200 Dark Arts Family XP, 2 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, 2 Spellbooks, 1 Silver Key

The Wizards Unite fandom has been somewhat critical of assignments that require players to earn Family XP due to the difficulty of such a task. 2000 Dark Arts Family XP is indeed a lofty goal, but the boosted Dark Arts Foundables on the map as well as using the Dark Arts Runestones to play in Wizarding Challenges should get players there… but it may require a bit of grinding.

This Dark Arts-centric Wizarding Weekend was originally said to offer guaranteed Magic is Might Statue and Tom Riddle Sr. Gravestone Foundable Fragments through Wizarding Challenges when completed in the Forest Chamber IV. However, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite vlogger Professor Lynette, who has partnered with Niantic to get information about the game out to players, offered a correction on the original information:

"There was an error in the information […] The actual guaranteed drops for Forest IV and higher Chambers when you're using the Dark Arts Runestones will be Knockturn Alley Sign. So that's on a different page. It's not on the page with Tom Riddle and graves and Portrait of Voldemort. […] Knockturn Alley Sign, that will be your guaranteed drop. You can focus on that one during Wizarding Weekend to get your placement for the Fortress Foundable."

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