Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review: Prisoner Of The Vow Part Two

Brilliant Events are normally the most anticipated and enjoyable events that Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has to offer. However, the last Brilliant Event, August's Prisoner of the Vow Part 1, was bogged down with horrible glitches and tasks that felt less like playing and more like doing chores. With Part 2 wrapping up, did Niantic fix what was wrong with the first half?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Prisoner of the Vow Part Two registry. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Prisoner of the Vow Part Two registry. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The narrative: The story continues to be compelling. The glaring truth is that we know a mobile game isn't able to do anything shocking like, for instance, kill a major character. Be that as it may, Niantic's writers have done a great job keeping the tension high in this dialogue-driven story, creating real stakes. The continued story of Ron's memory loss was less prominent here, too, which was for the best as that arc has lost steam. Harry's Unbreakable Vow, though, is compelling.
  • Fixed glitches: The glitches that made Wizarding Challenges nearly unplayable during the previous Brilliant Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite were mostly gone. I was booted from Challenges six total times, which is a shame, but rebooting enabled me to rejoin the battle, which was not possible during Part 1. Major improvement.

What didn't work in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The Special Assignment: There's a major problem with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite that has intensified as this year has gone on. Clearly, the developers have a disconnect with players. There have been multiple tasks in the last few events that require players to return multiple Foundables of non-Brilliant traces during the Brilliant Event. These traces are meant to be boosted but are excessively rare. Common, non-event traces are more prevalent than these supposedly boosted encounters. Both the executioner tasks and the Buckbeack tasks were absolutely ridiculous. Walking around can yield more encounters, but the fact that a Tonic For Trace Detection can spawn as low as one of these? It speaks to a problem with Niantic, which comes down to the develops no longer knowing what it is like to play the game they've created. The community of HPWU is the group that should truly be asking Niantic to hear them.
  • The Bonus Assignment: Ditto all that.


The decrease in the playability of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's Brilliant Events continues. As the narrative stays compelling, the biggest mystery has become how Niantic, who have been despite the perception quite communicative about Pokémon GO, have so badly dropped the ball on their other game.

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