Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's A Weasley Predicament Part 1 Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite wrapped up their first Brilliant Event of April 2021, A Weasley Predicament Part 1, today. The narrative began with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger scrambling to find out what has become of Ron Weasley, who they believe to be kidnapped by the game's villains, The Unforgivable. Did this Brilliant Event live up to the hype of such an exciting premise?

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite A Weasley Predicament registry image. Credit: Niantic
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite A Weasley Predicament registry image. Credit: Niantic

What worked in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • The story: Many fans of J. K. RowlingsHarry Potter books are missing out. For a long time, I believed this game to be nothing more than a puzzle piece hunt. However, what it truly is couldn't be further from that. It's the most book-accurate continuation of the Harry Potter narrative than we've seen, with Harry himself leading the narrative as he attempts to wrest control of the Calamity, a surge of magical memories appearing in the Muggle World, from a group known as the Unforgivable. Here, things were particularly intense as Ron's life hangs in the line, though this did feel very much like a build-up event that will pay off in the second part.
  • The artwork: As always, the illustration on the Brilliant Registry pages are great in the game and this was no different, as we see a Brilliant depiction of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

What didn't work in this Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event

  • Non-Brilliant tasks: The one annoying aspect of this and recent Brilliant Events is the focus on non-Brilliant Foundables, which don't spawn nearly as much in the game as Niantic seems to think considering the abundance of tasks centered around them. For example, three different rounds of "good" and "great" Ebublio spells made for a very frustrating Special Assignment.


While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite still needs to work on the playability of their Special Assignments, this Brilliant Event did its job in creating an exciting narrative that left me eager for the next chapter.

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