Hearthstone Announces New "Fractured In Alterac Valley" Expansion

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next expansion for Hearthstone and the Alliance and the Horde battle in Fractured In Alterac Valley. the expansion will launch on December 7th, and with it will come 135 new cards inspired by heroes of the Horde and Alliance from World of Warcraft, as they fight on the legendary snowy battleground. If you're thinking of mixing and matching, however, it's not going to be that easy as you'll have to choose one of the factions to be your main source for cards you choose. Here are some of the details of what's coming to this expansion!

Hearthstone Announces New "Fractured In Alterac Valley" Expansion
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Fight for Honor. Time has come to take arms! Beginning today, players choose a faction to join in Fractured in Alterac Valley by selecting one of two free Golden Legendary cards: the Frostwolf clan's Elder Shaman Drek'Thar of the Horde or the Stormpike Guard's Mountain King Vanndar Stormpike of the Alliance. From December 7 – January 11, each faction will have unique Quests in which players will claim Honor points through playing and winning games. The faction to acquire the most Honor by the end of the event will be declared victorious during the next mini-set, with every player receiving a Diamond version of the winning faction's leader card.
  • New Hearthstone Keyword: Honorable Kill. Delivering a lethal blow to a minion has never been so rewarding. Dealing exact damage to a minion with Honorable Kill gains unique bonuses, such as reducing the cost of all the player's spells or gaining +1/+1, each time they trigger Honorable Kill.
  • Mercenary Heroes. After a year fraught with battle, Mercenary heroes on both sides have reached the peak of their abilities. They've now become Hero Cards, wielding game-altering effects, like increasing player's maximum Mana Crystals to 20! Heading into battle with powerful new Battlecries and Hero Powers, these heroes can be the deciding factors between the Horde or Alliance claiming ultimate victory.

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