Hello Engineer Will Be Released Sometime In Early 2023

The folks over at tinyBuild Games revealed this week that the official release of Hello Engineer will be taking place sometime in early 2023. The game has been in the works for a few years now as they have taken the kids from their popular thriller puzzle game and created an entire game around them coming up with interesting designs to solve puzzles in creative ways. You can check out the latest trailer with the announcement below.

Hello Engineer Will Be Released Sometime In Early 2023
Credit: tinyBuild Games

"Put your engineering skills to the test in Hello Engineer, a multiplayer construction puzzle game set in the twisted cartoon world of Hello Neighbor. Collect parts and gadgets to assemble into strange custom-made vehicles as you tackle a 20+ mission campaign alone or with friends. Want to just let your imagination run wild? Step into the Sandbox mode and build freely, with access to every construction part in the game in unlimited quantities. The sandbox also holds several optional construction challenges, and perhaps even a few secrets to be uncovered. It wouldn't be Raven Brooks without a few surprises!

"Hello Engineer takes place in the seemingly abandoned Raven Brooks amusement park, lair of the infamous and unhinged Mr. Peterson! Something deeply strange is happening here, and the Raven Brooks Inventors Club (a gang of overly curious local youths) are here to investigate, and it'll take every bit of their ingenuity to escape in one piece. The Inventors Club will be puzzling their way through the park's three zones – the Race Track, the Wild West area and the Space zone, building machines to navigate environmental obstacles and confronting Mr. Peterson's mechanical minions along the way. Think you're hot stuff? Try squaring off against a GIANT ROBOT SPIDER, one of several brain-teasing boss battles you'll have to overcome. Get your thinking cap on, and may the best engineer win.

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