Hello Neighbor Gets Launch Trailer Ahead of Release

Hello Neighbor has been on a lot of people's radars for a long time now. The quick description is it is a horror game, but the twist is that instead of some kind of monster, you are being tracked down by a pretty menacing neighbor. The game has been floating around in alpha, but in three days, it is finally going to be out in its final form.

Hello Neighbor Gets Launch Trailer Ahead of Release

To get people in the creepy, spooky mood, the game has just got a launch trailer. The scope of this thing actually looks much bigger and weirder than the concept suggests. While it is certainly the quieter final month of the year for games, if you want a few scares before 2017 is out, this might be just the ticket.

Check out the trailer here:

Hello Neighbor is out December 8.

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