HEX x Misshattan Camera Sling Bag Review – Roomy & Organized

The HEX x Misshattan Ranger DSLR sling camera bag is a heavy hitter for photographers on the go – especially in situations where a full setup and gear isn't required.

HEX Bag Review - Misshattan Camera Sling
Credit: HEX

For me, I cover a lot of events, conventions, and travel, making a full backpack bulky and cumbersome. Shoulder or cross-body camera bags are alright, but most of them just don't have the space and organization to accommodate more than just the camera body and a lens. The Hex x Misshattan sling bag not only has space for everything I need to carry with me (which varies, but usually includes two lenses, body, cards, charger, and filters) but it also has modular padded dividers, so I can be sure everything fits snugly and has its own compartment.

HEX Bag Review - Misshattan Camera Sling
Credit: Eden Arnold

This bag also has one of my favorite features, in addition to the organization: pockets. More than just pockets, there's a padded soft pocket for sunglasses as well as space for my wallet, keys, and other life essentials I don't want to carry a separate bag for. Even with all that in the Hex x Misshattan sling, it's still not bulging or heavy – that's probably owing to the padded shoulder strap and the crossbody design. I can even sling (pun intended) it over my shoulder comfortably without wearing it crossbody, for easier access.

The oblong shape allows me to readjust the dividers to store my camera with a lens attached if needed, which is great for moving from place to place, like in between panel rooms at a convention. It's a great alternative to carrying around my neck/holding it, especially in scenarios where it could be bumped or jostled. I rearrange the velcro dividers and it fits perfectly – of course, if I'm storing it or have a long way to travel, it's quick and easy to put the dividers back and put body and lenses away properly.

HEX Bag Review - Misshattan Camera Sling
Credit: Eden Arnold

All in all, I'm super happy with the Hex x Misshattan Ranger DSLR sling; you can tell it was designed with input from Misshattan, a photographer who's known for being out and about. It's a fantastic camera bag that sets the new standard for functional, organized bags while still being fashionable.

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