Highlights From Announcements Made During Minecraft Live

Minecraft Live took place over the weekend, and while Mojang couldn't hold the event in person, they still had a lot to talk about with fans. The company talked about how they saw a 90% increase in multiplayer sessions while the community has grown to nearly 132 million players each month during that time. They also boasted about having players in both Antarctica and the Vatican City, so we can only assume The Pope is also playing during his downtime. There was also talk about the game's support for the Black community and fight for equality. As they promoted their contributions to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Equal Justice Initiative, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, they revealed they would be making an additional donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, bringing their total 2020 contributions to $2.15M.

Minecraft will be holding an Educational Edition of the Global Build Championship, courtesy of Mojang.
Minecraft will be holding an Educational Edition of the Global Build Championship, courtesy of Mojang.

The company also revealed a new update was coming to the game as they will be bringing more with "Caves & Cliffs". It willl combine two highly anticipated improvements to the game: an update to caves, and the winner of the 2019 Minecon Live biome vote: mountains. Some of the new additions were shown off at the event like copper ore, crystal geodes, telescopes, and improvements to cave and mountain generation. new mobs will be added as well like the Warden, described as "a hostile mob well adapted to the dark caves who reacts to movement instead sight". As well as the Axolotl, who were described as "an adorable cave-dwelling water creature that can aid in battle". That update will drop in Summer 2021. We have more info on the other updates for two other versions of the franchise below, and you can see more pics of the "Caves & Cliffs" update at the bottom.

Black Lives Matter appearing in Minecraft, along with other prominent structures. Courtesy of Mojang.
Black Lives Matter appearing in Minecraft, along with other prominent structures. Courtesy of Mojang.
  • It's dangerous to go alone! Bring a friend when cross-platform play arrives to Minecraft Dungeons: Since launching in May on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Windows PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, we've had players playing "Minecraft Dungeons" around the world and those players will all be able to join each other online regardless of platform when we enable cross-platform multiplayer in a free game update.
  • Brave the terrible tempests in Minecraft Dungeons' next DLC Howling Peaks: Our Howling Peaks DLC will introduce a new boss – the Tempest Golem – who creates a storm of howling winds from the top of perilous peaks. New missions, items, and mobs await in this stormy conflict! And coming soon, we're releasing a free game update that introduces "Apocalypse Plus." This is a set of 20 new difficulties available after Apocalypse VII, adding significant challenge while also increasing the power ceiling for characters in the game. The update also adds new enchantments and new unique items.
  • Build a better tomorrow in Minecraft: Education Edition's Global Build Championship: Minecraft: Education Edition's first international design competition will challenge students to design and build a space that supports a healthy environment for both humans and animals simultaneously. Educators can register their student teams at aka.ms/MinecraftEducationChampionship for a certificate of completion & the chance to win Minecraft prizes.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition introduces new Lessons on Racial Equity and History: Minecraft: Education Edition premiered its new "Equity and Inclusion" lesson category for the classroom program, which includes the map "Good Trouble: Social Justice Movements Around the World" that will come soon to the education category of the Minecraft Marketplace for all players for free. "Good Trouble" is a map that takes players on a journey through historic civil rights movements and their leaders, based on the teachings of activist and US Congressman John Lewis.

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