For Honor is Getting Dedicated Servers in Season 5 Update

For Honor

For Honor's fourth season is on it's way out the door, and Ubisoft has announced the fifth season, Age of Wolves, which will make good on last year's promise of the introduction of dedicated servers.

Initially announced last July, dedicated servers are a feature that the community has been very vocal about wanting. P2P servers have been criticized for the potential for cheating, connection issues, and lag. Ubisoft confirmed that For Honor's dedicated servers will go live after the Age of Wolves drops on February 15.

"By changing the way you connect to For Honor matches, the development team is doing away with re-syncing, session migrations, and NAT requirements in order to deliver stable connectivity on all platforms," the update promises.

The dedicated servers will have players see "four key changes to their experience." Matches will be smoother, more stable, "NAT types will no longer restrict or hinder player's ability to group and matchmake," and matchmaking "will create sessions more easily leading to better overall matchmaking success." Which means your matches should be all around better and faster.

There are some major changes coming for some of the heroes too, with an emphasis on positive buffs, which means we won't see any new roster additions in Season Five.

"The overall intention is to reduce the gap between the top-performing Heroes and the bottom-performing Heroes, generally by buffing and improving the bottom-performing Heroes, while also looking at Heroes such as Nobushi to improve the balance of their kits give them more playstyle options."

Ubisoft has yet to confirm a date for the implementation of dedicated servers, saying only that they'll be "introduced during Season Five," once the plan has been finalized.

The dedicated servers have been tested by players since December, and even by some players who don't even own the game, so launch should be pretty smooth for them. If you haven't taken a shot at For Honor yet, well, you just might want to. It's melee combat is a strategic dance that is more realistic and exacting than any other.

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