House Flipper's Next DLC Content Will Take You To The Farm

Indie developer Frozen Way has revealed the next DLC content to come to House Flipper heads to the countryside with Farm Flipper. As you may have guessed from the name, this one will have you going out and bringing a farm back to life and making it worth farming at again. So basically, the early stages of every farming game you've ever played, now expanded upon as you beautify the property. You can check out the trailer for the DLC below, but don't get too excited for it yet as there are no immediate plans to add it to House Flipper. In fact, the plan at the moment is to release it sometime near the end of 2022.

House Flipper's Next DLC Content Will Take You To The Farm
Credit: Frozen Way

A farmer's life consists of many challenging tasks, especially when they also have to get things flipping. Get ready for a farm makeover and prepare some proper living conditions for your animals! Feed and water them, and they'll become great companions on your farming journey! Build extensions for your houses so you never run out of indoor space! Create your own plantations and watch your crops grow from horseback! A unique environment, new orders, a bunch of farm-themed items, your very own livestock, and more! All available soon in House Flipper: Farm DLC!

  • The cows go moo! Experience fresh farm vibes thanks to the latest addition to the House Flipper family. Fill your surroundings with the sounds of life from your animal companions! Build homesteads and look after pigs, sheep, chickens, and more! Your very own farming adventure begins!
  • How about more space? Wouldn't an extra room in your perfectly designed house be a handy addition? Dreaming of a garage for your brand new car? That's all possible now thanks to the Farm Flipper DLC. A revolutionary house extension mechanic will forever change your everyday renovations.
  • Plant, harvest, repeat. Hungry? Let me rustle up some brussels sprouts! Or would you prefer a ripe tomato? No matter what you plant, make sure to create the right conditions for your crops! A selection of unique tools and a set of farming skills will help! Prepare the soil, spare no water, and you'll be harvesting plentiful crops in the blink of an eye!
  • Hop on your horse! Keeping your farm in check isn't just a responsibility – it's also a joy! Whistle to call your favorite steed, hop in the saddle, and go for a ride around your land. Keep in mind this is just the beginning of your adventure, farmer. Maplebloom Village awaits!

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