I Am Future Will Arrive For Steam Early Access In Mid-May

What are you going to do in a world you barely recognize in the future all alone? Find out when I Am Future arrives in Early Access.

Indie developer Mandragona and publisher tinyBuild Games have announced I Am Future will be coming to Steam Early Access in mid-May 2023. If you haven't seen this one yet, the game is a cozy colony sim in which you wake up all alone on a futuristic Earth, with no idea what's happened with a cyborg's arm in place of your right arm. What are you going to do to survive in a world you barely recognize with only robot friends around that you build yourself? You'll get a chance to see what happens when the game is released on May 18th, 2023. Here's more info on the game, along with the latest trailer.

I Am Future Will Arrive For Steam Early Access In Mid-May
Credit: tinyBuild Games

"You wake up on an overgrown skyscraper roof – not a living soul in sight. Cosmopolis, once a mighty array of metal and glass, lies shattered in ruins and flooded. The decades-long struggle between UNICORP and the rival corporations pursuing transhumanism ideas seems to have been over for good when society collapsed. Now it is up to you to try and solve the mystery of the last days of civilization… and your sudden awaking. Or you can just build your own future and enjoy the view of what remains of humankind. Starting from scratch on an empty roof, explore your surroundings, find the necessary resources, tools and gadgets. Old microwaves, rusty cars, and antique computers – all will be handy!"

"Carefully disassemble the devices to get the necessary details and put them to use for creating futuristic gadgets according to the blueprints you'll get your hands on. By the way, have we mentioned that you will get to have a cyborg hand? Upgrade it too! Make some friends so you won't get too lonely! Upload AI into buildings. Create bots that do your chores. What are the benefits of the collapse of human civilization? There's now enough time to pick up new hobbies! The roof is very well suited for building a garden, and the surrounding sea is full of tasty fish for the tastiest Mediterranean dishes to cook! Nature seems to have changed significantly after all, and there are new dangers not known to humans before. Build your defense structures, and be cautious! What exactly happened with the civilization, and how did you end up on the roof? The answers lay somewhere in the city ruins – would you try to get to the bottom of it?"

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