IGN Issues Statement Regarding Alleged Treatment Of 2 Employees

Amidst all of the allegations coming out against producers, actors, directors, comedians, and more, it was only a matter of time before we'd start seeing some pop up in the world of gaming. Over the weekend, some new allegations came out against IGN. These were released on Twitter by current Gamespot associate editor Kallie Plagge, where she accuses former IGN editor Vince Ingenito of sexually harassing her during her time at the company. She revealed her story in a series of screenshots.

Ingenito himself responded to the accusations, which included his own set of tweets explaining his side of the situation. You can currently see these on his feed. He even posted screenshots of an apology he previously sent her that he still has saved to his phone.

This afternoon, IGN issued their own official statement on the situation, acknowledging that there was indeed a sexual harassment issue. A couple things to take note on this statement: It was issued by the content team, not the ownership, legal, or upper management. The primary reason behind it being issued is because several staffers went on strike today demanding one be issued, which took place in the afternoon. Most importantly, what we didn't know and IGN ended up confirming was that these complaints also involve a current IGN woman employee.

It is with great sadness, pain, and regret that we tell you that IGN has failed two of its female employees, one former and one current – both of whom the team cares deeply about. We are devastated that two of our own have had to live with and carry this pain for more than a year.

When the women made management and human resources aware of the situation involving a now-former employee, those women, in the estimation of the IGN team, did not get the respect and care that they deserved as IGN employees and as people. That system, plainly put, failed them. It especially failed them but it also failed all of us.

IGN Issues Statement Regarding Alleged Treatment Of 2 Employees

Since Ingenito doesn't work for the company any longer, there isn't much action IGN as a company or any of their staff can take beyond this point. This is the second incident of this nature to take place within gaming journalism this year, the first happening back in August when video producer Nick Robinson (formerly of Polygon) was suspended and later released from the company after being accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward women within the gaming industry via Twitter, which he later admitted to.

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