Indie Platformers Flinthook and Mercenary Kings are Coming to the Switch

Developer Tribute Games has announced that their indie platformers Flinthook and Mercenary Kings will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, making them effectively Nindies.

Indie Platformers Flinthook and Mercenary Kings are Coming to the Switch

The two titles are being brought to retail courtesy of Limited Run Games, who recently expanded out to the Switch as a consumer base. LRG announced the ports on their Twitter with accompanying box arts, showing off Mercenary Kings with both a standard edition and with a newly titled Reloaded Edition. The new subtitle indicates that the Switch version is coming with the free expansion coming soon to PS4 and PC, which adds two new characters and a host of new weapons.

Flinthook is a naturally a hook-based 2D platformer while Mercenary Kings is a mission-based 2D shooter with the structure of Monster Hunter. Both will make nice additions to the Switch library of games and indicate the growing trend of indie Switch ports, which pretty much falls in line with the results of the pre-GDC developer survey. The survey results showed that 28% of the respondents stated that their games have sold better than average on Switch, while 23% said that their Switch sales have been average. Only 16% mentioned that their games have sold less on Switch than other consoles, while 33% remarked that the question did not apply to them as they do not have games on the console.

Neither game was dated, with LRG only stating that the dates are to be determined at some point in the future.

You can pick up Flinthook and Mercenary Kings on Steam now if you just can't wait.

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