It Looks Like That Bigger Nintendo Switch Is Coming This Year

According to new reports, it appears we'll be getting a new version of the Nintendo Switch in time for the holiday season. This really isn't new news, per se, the rumor of a new version of the Switch has been around for over two years as people naturally assumed the company would make a better version after it got super popular. The only real new addition we've seen is the Switch Lite, which essentially makes the unit slightly smaller with the joy-cons attached. But if the latest report from Bloomberg is correct, the next version of it will be coming by year's end. According to them, the company is planning to unveil a new model with a larger Samsung OLED screen with 720p resolution. The timing of it comes when Switch consoles were scarce during the pandemic, so anyone looking for a new one or an upgrade now has a viable option on the way. Hopefully with more memory!

Hey little guy! You may be getting a bigger brother soon. Courtesy of Nintendo.
Hey little guy! You may be getting a bigger brother soon. Courtesy of Nintendo.

The key thing to keep in mind here is that as of yesterday, the Nintendo Switch has been out for four years. And after the release of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Nintendo may start looking toward the future again, if they already haven't. The general lifecycle for every Nintendo console since the Color TV-Game system in 1977 has been between 5-7 years. If Nintendo decides to go the distance on this one, we're already halfway through the cycle of the Switch. Meaning this next upgrade could be the last version they made before moving onto whatever lies ahead to better compete with Microsoft and Sony to a degree. For us, the console is fine. While we could use a 4K upgrade and more memory, there's really nothing horribly wrong with the console. Maybe this will be the first one to survive a decade before being replaced entirely.

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