"It's Pretty Buns" – What is Pokémon GO Missing?

If you are in any raid group or Discord or subreddit dedicated to Pokémon GO, you've likely seen frustration with the game rising among players. It's hard to miss. It seems as if vocal dissatisfaction with the game is increasing exponentially on social media when it comes to the structure of events, the state of the game's bugs, Niantic's communications, and more. Even the influencers who have become known through Pokémon GO gameplay vlogs have noted a change in their feelings about the game recently. What exactly has changed, though, and what can be done to help Pokémon GO regain its glory?

Pokémon GO ad. Credit: Niantic
Pokémon GO ad. Credit: Niantic

Vlogger JTGily, one of the most vocal and personable voices dedicated to the game, spoke on the state of Pokémon GO in his recent video "Why I've STOPPED Playing Pokémon GO." Now, the title may be misleading as Gily is, indeed, playing the game in the video, but the actual content of what he says speaks for many players:

"I've played Pokémon GO every single day [for] about five years. Kind of weird to say it out loud but it is what it is. [Recently] I have barely played and I want to talk about why. For one, the Legendary rotation right now is pretty buns. Now, the Therian Formes are [cool and new] but I don't think they needed to be out as long as they do. […] I get it. You still have to release them and we should be patient and you don't want to rush everything and only have good stuff every week, but still… What are we going to do for two, three, four weeks with a trash Legendary that doesn't have a Shiny and it's not that good?

I recommend watching the full video, but JTGily goes on to make several points that I can summarize here:

  • We have had the same species, including different Formes, in raids for two months now.
  • During long raid rotations like this, Niantic used to compensate with special features like Raid Weekends. We've only seen Rayquaza during this and, besides that, nothing but the Forces of Nature since the beginning of March.
  • The disappearance of Team GO Rocket and the lack of communication has cut down on the amount to do.
  • The pace of releasing Shinies and new species is slower than ever, with some events featuring no real new content.

Now, say what you will about Niantic… but they have historically addressed certain problems within the Pokémon GO community. They remain horrendous at communication, but they fixed many of the issues with Megas rather quickly. They've also begun to bring the hype back to Community Days with the last two, though it did take them months. I personally believe that Niantic can return Pokémon GO to the game that we love, but it will take active listening to the community and expeditious change.

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