Japanese Devs Are Reportedly Giving Advice on the Next Xbox

It looks like we have a little bit of insight into what's happening with the next Xbox as a new report says Microsoft is getting some outside help. According to Segment Next, it appears that the company has turned to Japanese game developers for help in designing the next console. The article cites an interview in Famitsu magazine with the Microsoft's Phill Spencer, saying that "They have been exploring the prospects of the future console. He added that the company has been discussing with the Japanese developers, on the innovations they want to bring to the whole architecture of the gaming industry."

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Honestly, this isn't a bad move on their part. If you go look up the history of the original Xbox, there are countless stories online and in retrospect videos showing how Microsoft and their crew apparently rubbed Japanese game makers and publishers the wrong way early on. We're sure over time those relationships smoothed over with the 360 and Xbox One, but this is the first time we're hearing of them seeking out advice outside the company bubble or new hires to get input on how to make their next console better. But only time will tell if that improves the next console.

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