Journey To Moonray Is Getting An Early Access Release Later This Year

Element 115 revealed this week that they will be releasing Journey To Moonray into Early Access sometime later in 2021. The game will be a part of the company's shared surreal universe, as the Early Access version is aiming for Q4 2021, with a plan to release a final version on PC in Q1 2022, with a console version planned for next Summer. With plans that so far out, it seems likely they'll meet those goals, but it's uncertain when we'll see them come to fruition. For now, we have a little info on the game's plot and a trailer showing off what's to come.

Credit: Element 115
Credit: Element 115
Journey to Moonray depicts the voyage through hyperspace on the way to the planet where upcoming Souls-like hack-and-slash Moonray takes place. Dash through 40 gorgeous dynamic levels available at the start of Journey to Moonray's Early Access. Enemies, bosses, bullets, and bombs all disturb the cosmic liquids of the battlefield to create a striking visual treat. Plunge into wave after wave of enemies amidst 700 high-tech fluid shaders and unlock the ability to customize the space shooter with your favorite liquid looks.
Designed to take full advantage of the latest GPU technologies and power, Journey to Moonray offers beautiful shaders built on fluid physics, each generated from a blend of liquid flow mechanics and models of random patterns occurring in nature such as how spots form on a leopard's fur. Combined with real-time gameplay input from battles, the result is a responsive feast for the eyes. Approach the visual banquet table with four game modes available at the start of Early Access. Reach a target score within a set time limit in Deadline, or within a limited number of lives in Survival mode. Rack up points while battling waves in Traversal to hit a target score by the end of the level. Take on extra deadly enemies in Boss mode, dealing with the toughest challenges before time runs out.

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