Just Cause 3 is Free to Play This Week On Xbox Live

It's been announced that Just Cause 3 is going to be free to play this weekend on Xbox One if you have Xbox Live.

Just Cause

Just Cause 3 hit with a somewhat mixed reception, with the game having some performance issues but wowing with the sheer scale of its destruction. However, over time the game has become stable and filled with more content, really allowing the game's fun, physics-based mayhem to shine. The sheer ludicrousness that you can manufacture with a few well-placed items, all while you fly over your explosive handwork in a wing-suit really is an unfiltered level of fun.

If you don't believe me, well, you can go about trying it for yourself later this weekend. It's been announced that the game will be free to play this weekend if you are an Xbox Live user. On Xbox One, you will be able to play the full game starting tomorrow (May 3, 2018) until the end of Sunday (May 6, 2018). Importantly, your progress and achievements will carry over if you choose to buy the full game, which has a huge 80% discount. Can't say fairer than that.

I remember really enjoying my time with Just Cause 3 back in 2015, and hopefully, this will bring in a couple new players to enjoy it too. There aren't a lot of games like it anymore with light objective-based goals all tied together by a huge, constantly exploding world. It's a good time and for free, what's really holding you back? Have at it.

Thanks, VG247 for the heads up.

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