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Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization Will Fully Launch Next Week

Green Man Gaming revealed last week that they will be releasing the full version of Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization on Steam in early December. This game has been designed to be a roguelite village-builder in which you will lead a tribe in the middle of nowhere to strive and survive surrounded by other villages. You can find new territories, strange beasts, new nature, and eventually spread yourselves out. Even conquering neighboring tribes if you see fit. Even get yourself a "thinker" and grow from there. The game will eventually be released on December 6th, 2022. Enjoy the trailer and info below!

Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization Will Fully Launch Next Week
Credit: Green Man Gaming

"Welcome to the mystical world of Kainga, magical lands full of wonder and beauty, where strange other-worldly beasts roam. Take control of a Thinker and grow your village into a thriving civilization, adapting and surviving against all odds. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a unique roguelite-inspired village-builder. Be warned, its stunning landscapes hide many threats. Other tribes compete for resources, the weather threatens to wash you away, and colossal creatures can rise up and destroy all you've built. As you begin to take wins and earn karma, the world begins to unravel with new unique lands, technologies, challenges, and Thinkers to unlock, discover and learn.

  • Build, Survive, and Adapt – As the Thinker you must use your knowledge of Kainga to lead your tribe, learn through trial and error how to adapt to your surroundings and develop a village that can flourish. Protect your Thinker at all costs, but make sure to use them to expand your technology and govern your tribe.
  • Encounter Mysterious and Dangerous Creatures – Colossal creatures can be found lurking throughout Kainga's varied biomes, often hidden in the sea or deep underground.  Learn to live in harmony with them, tame them and add them to your economy, or use their strength in combat against your rivals.
  • Explore a Beautiful and Threatening Land – Discover what the eight unique biomes have to offer, each with its own beauty and dangers. Lead your tribe to adapt and survive across barren deserts, tropical archipelagos, icy mountains and lush jungles.
  • Pick up the Pieces and Try Again – Death is not the end. Learn from your failures and begin again in a new world. Complete challenges to unlock new biomes, technologies, and Thinkers. Take your newfound knowledge to build bigger and better cultures."

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