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Auto Draft
Green Man Gaming, along with developers Pewter Games Studios and LoPoly Games, have given Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator an April release date The team officially confirmed that the game will be coming out on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as all three major consoles, on April 4th, 2023 The news also came[...]
BLINNK & The Vacuum Of Space
Green Man Gaming have revealed a proper release date this week for their latest VR title, Blinnk and the Vacuum of Space If you haven't had a chance to check this one out, this game was specifically designed for autistic players Utilizing various mechanics that appeal to them and allow them to play a game[...]
Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization Will Fully Launch Next Week
Green Man Gaming revealed last week that they will be releasing the full version of Kainga: Seeds Of Civilization on Steam in early December This game has been designed to be a roguelite village-builder in which you will lead a tribe in the middle of nowhere to strive and survive surrounded by other villages You[...]
Auto Draft
Green Man Gaming revealed this week they will be releasing the Pewter Games Studios' comedic co-op title Filthy Animals: Heist Simulator If you haven't seen this game yet, this is a chaotic multiplayer heist title for up to four players where you will take on the role of mutated animals following orders from "a guy[...]
The Galactic Junkers Will Arrive On PC & Console Later This Year
Green Man Gaming and indie developer Evil Twin revealed they'll release The Galactic Junkers in late 2022 This is a cool little title that will have you command a ship as a captain who just so happens to have a bounty on your head You'll need to deal with pirates, bounty hunters, and the ever[...]
Model Builder Receives Exclusive Frostpunk Models DLC
Green Man Gaming and Moonlit S.A have added a new DLC to Model Builder as Frostpunk is making its way into the game The announcement was made this week as they revealed they have an exclusive deal with 11 Bit Studios to make models revolving around the game for their simulator Unfortunately, they didn't show[...]
Virtual Hobby Simulator Model Builder Will Release This February
Green Man Gaming and Moonlit S.A revealed this week they'll be releasing their hobby simulator title Model Builder this February For those of you who loved building toy model kits as a kid or even as an adult, this game will give you the joy of craking out a new model from a box and[...]
More Robots Fighting In Space: We Review 'War Tech Fighters'
Like the game you're about to check out: War Tech Fighters from Drakkar Day and Green Man Gaming. credit//Green Man Gaming Yes, that name is designed to invoke the pun "WTF", so enjoy the mild laugh at the moment The game is essentially mech space battles and pays homage to a lot of the anime that came[...]
Solving Puzzles With Magic & Monsters: We Review 'Peregrin'
So it's finally time to examine this little gem from Domino Digital Limited and Green Man Gaming. credit//Green Man Gaming Peregrin puts you in the role of Abi, a scavenger with some special abilities who has left her tribe in search of adventure Alone in the wilderness, you have to rely on the abilities of the creatures[...]