Kazakh 'Jack Will Finally Be Released On February 20th

Indie developer Iwa Interactive announced this week that their upcoming game Kazakh 'Jack is headed to Steam next week. This game has been a bit of a labor of love that managed to get fully funded on Kickstarter with the help of just 41 backers. In this game, you will have to help Forrest Woods conquer the radioactive wilds in what is essentially a futuristic vision of Kazakhstan. You'll be running, jumping, crouching, and swinging that axe as hard and precise as you can to tame this wilderness and get your logging duties done. All while set to one furious original instrumental soundtrack which, according to the developers, features "a hybrid of traditional Russian and Kazakh music fused with futuristic electronic melodies". The game is set to drop on February 20th, 2021.

Help save us by chopping down trees with those mighty muscles. Courtesy of Iwa Interactive.
Help save us by chopping down trees with those mighty muscles. Courtesy of Iwa Interactive.

When Forrest brashly accepts a month-long contract position with Kazakh Lumber Kompany after hearing an ad on his work radio, he didn't expect to find himself stranded in a terrifying land full of danger and mystery. The recently-elected (now diseased) dictator Maksim Hubrisovich of the nation formerly known as Russia had led his nation into a swift nuclear defeat. Following the Great Nuclear War of 2022, Russia was effectively absorbed by Kazakhstan. A few years after declaring independence from the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was once again a communist nation. The radioactive fallout from the war impacts daily life, but the economy must continue operating. Workers must move quickly to ensure their exposure to harmful radiation does not exceed levels determined by the Ministry of Health. Forrest must chop trees faster and more accurately than he ever has before. Does he have the ability to meet Kompany standards and simultaneously procure enough Kazakh Kredits in order to safely get back to his motherland? Escape the grip of the State in Kazakh 'Jack!

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