Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received a new story trailer showing off it's historical setting, the fights you'll get into and the revenge you will try to exact.

kingdom come: deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn't the kind of game we often see hitting the market, especially nowadays. A singular AA game based on a dense setting and single-player story just doesn't happen that often. We don't, bar the Total War series and the resurgence of World War games, see a lot of historical games any more full-stop, so there is an odd peculiarness to the title that makes it interesting to keep tabs on.

It's shaping up to look really cool too as you can see in this latest trailer, which sets up the story you are going to be travelling on. As is usually the case with feudal and medieval stories, it all seems to be a bit rubbish, with a lot of people fighting each other in brutal circumstances. A real bit of misery, mud and blood to get lost into. It seems you are on a plot for revenge, although, besides someone being killed, the reason for the conflict isn't entirely clear. That said, it all looks intriguing enough and with a nice bit of gameplay footage too, it acts as a really neat overview for the title.

It's not long until the game hits either, with it arriving on February 13, 2018. Mark your calendars. Seeing how this one shakes out and how audiences respond to it should be interesting.