LeatherFace Has Been Added To Dead By Daylight Mobile

Behaviour Interactive is slowly adding killers to Dead By Daylight Mobile, the latest will be a familiar sight as LeatherFace joins the game. The ever-freaking kind of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a part of the main game for a couple of years now, earning the nickname "Leather Daddy" and "Tum Tums" among players. Which is based on the way he plays and the way certain toxic players like to utilize the character for an easy camping victory. Now you too can play as him on your mobile device as the devs from Behaviour Interactive and NetEase have dropped him into the middle of your nightmare. Here are a few details from them about the new killer and the update he comes with.

LeatherFace joins Dead By Daylight Mobile, courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.
LeatherFace joins Dead By Daylight Mobile, courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

The killer comes equipped with three incredible perks: Knock Out, Barbecue & Chilli, and Franklin's Demise. In addition to perks, his loadout includes a powerful sledgehammer and Bubba's chainsaw. As part of a new update for Dead by Daylight Mobile, the progression system of characters will now be tied to individual character XP versus the Bloodweb. Individual character XP can be earned by playing the character and receiving emblems for each played game. The update also introduces a new "Treacherous Waters Collection" outfit that players will be able to unlock with in-game currency. Lastly, the game will receive bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

We'll see if people are able to be as campy and topic with LeatherFace in the mobile version as they are on the standard game. The chainsaw action to take down players in a single swipe is usually the death knell for many a player, but it comes from frantically jerking the mouse around to get the maximum amount of space covered. How that will play out when you're working on a touchscreen will be interesting.

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