Dead By Daylight Mobile

Freddy Krueger Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
NetEase Games and Behaviour Interactive have added a new chapter to Dead By Daylight Mobile as Freddy Krueger drops into the game The team has slowly been adding in content that's already in the main game as to ease players into the content who have only played it on mobile The Elm Street chapter brings[...]
Silent Hill Content Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
Behaviour Interactive revealed this week that the Silent Hill content had finally arrived in Dead By Daylight Mobile As part of the additions to the game, you have two new characters joining The Entity's Realms as you're getting Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather as a Survivor Meanwhile, the Killer is Pyramid Head, known here as[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile Celebrates 10 Million Downloads
Behaviour Interactive is celebrating Dead By Daylight Mobile reaching 10 million downloads with new features Along with NetEase Games, the company has released an update into the game that a lot of people will be looking forward to as it is both an upgrade and a general improvement to a lot of items First, two[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile Reveals The Cursed Legacy Chapter
Behaviour Interactive has revealed a new update on the way for Dead By Daylight Mobile as the Cursed Legacy Chapter is on the way This chapter brings with it the Oni killer, inspired by the samurai but with a cruel and insatiable desire for blood According to the story, the Oni was once trained by[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile LeatherFace
Behaviour Interactive is slowly adding killers to Dead By Daylight Mobile, the latest will be a familiar sight as LeatherFace joins the game The ever-freaking kind of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a part of the main game for a couple of years now, earning the nickname "Leather Daddy" and "Tum Tums" among players[...]
Behaviour Interactive had some good news to share this week about Dead By Daylight Mobile, as the game has racked up 500k pre-registered players The game is set to launch on April 16th, but before that, the developers threw down the gauntlet on pre-registration If they get enough players at certain goals, they will unlock[...]
Behaviour Interactive and NetEase revealed today that Dead By Daylight Mobile will officially launch on iOS and Android on April 16th Pre-registration for the multiplayer horror game is now available to gamers on the official website Those who sign up for pre-registration will receive certain perks depending on when they register Tier 1 (500K pre-reg) will get: Weekend[...]
Now you can have all the fun of running from killers or hunting down survivors from your phone with Dead By Daylight Mobile Behaviour Interactive made the official announcement this morning to kick off PAX East 2020, as they will be bringing their hit group survival horror game will be released this Spring The company[...]
Behaviour Interactive Announces
This morning, Behaviour Interactive officially announced that they would be launching Dead By Daylight Mobile sometime later this year The company made the announcement pretty brief buy laid out the details players wanted to know along with a trailer showing it in action You can check out a couple of the FAQ questions here along[...]