Crom Is Unforgiving: Let's Player Wars In 'Conan: Exiles'

There's a lot of games online where people fight over remaining resources. Stuff gets destroyed, treasures lost or left behind, remnants of dreams players truly wanted to accomplish that were crushed and now someone comes along to pick the bones. The world of Conan: Exiles is no different as the game is pretty clear that the strong survive and the weak perish. Crom is unforgiving, and only rewards those who take what they wish. The major difference between most of those games and Conan Exiles is that there aren't hundreds of Let's Players running around gloating about how they're scavenging off a destroyed freighter after being a dick and killing random players. But not in the Hyborian Age.

The video posted above shows two gamers, Faceless and MaxMoeFoe, ending their Conan series after they came back online to find people had raided their camp and left barely anything standing. And this wasn't your run-of-the-mill hut in the middle of nothing, this was a fortress they constructed over a period of time that included weapons and supplies. And it didn't just happen once—after they figured out what happened the last time, they killed off access and waited 12 hours to come back, only to see the fort was almost entirely erased from existence. After getting frustrated as hell, the duo looked up some info and find some disturbing news: popular Let's Player H2ODelirious was the one responsible for raiding their territory and taking everything in sight. To add salt to the wound, not only did Delirious admit he did it, he made fun of them for getting pissed on Twitter.

Now say what you will about the gameplay itself, it's kinda messed up that a guy with over eight million followers would choose to spend his time in the game raiding other players, no matter how dead the server is. While it isn't gospel to the Let's Play community at large, there is a somewhat unspoken rule that unless you're playing a game with friends, you're not really playing with the intent to be malicious to others. Team killing your own team of gamers in a game that is only being recorded for humor and entertainment, that's fine. But purposefully spending your time trolling other players, that rarely makes you look good on video and you come off more like a dick to your fanbase. Keep in mind too, Delirious wasn't doing this with others like Sark, Sp00n, Vanoss, Chilled Chaos, etc. like you see in his actual Conan video below. This was him in a solo game smashing up stuff for fun and stealing the remains from other players who weren't online to defend it for his own personal collection to use later.

You can watch Delirious's POV of the destruction at about 32 minutes into the video. You'll recognize the area when you see the people floating in mid-air above, because the servers for Conan are just that well built. A few minutes before that, you can see him give you the MTV Cribs tour of his own base and all the stuff he built in his own area. It would be a shame if someone managed to find all of it and raided it for themselves. Because as we all remember: Crom is unforgiving, and only rewards those who take what they wish.

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