Level 99 Games Teases New Titles Coming In 2022

Level 99 Games decided to end the year by giving a quick preview of several games they currently working on to come out in 2022. All of the games are currently listed under project code names, which was done because it appears none of these games have a confirmed or at least trademarked title yet. What's more, the company stated they have more titles in the works, but they can't be revealed yet. So in the meantime, here's a brief preview of what's to come with six different games.

Artwork for Project Magpie, courtesy of Level 99 Games.
Artwork for Project Magpie, courtesy of Level 99 Games.

Project Nightjar

"Nightjar" is the 6th season of Exceed! It will be unveiled January 18th, and available for pre-order (and with a premium collectors' edition) in early February via our online store. The new season introduces some exciting new mechanics, plus a 2-fighter duel deck that's a great starting point for new players!

Project Crow

"Crow" is a totally new board game based upon a well-known video-game IP. We've spent most of the latter half of 2021 working to get this project just perfect for you. We can't say much more right now, but the announcement should be landing in March. Until then, keep on guessing

Project Magpie

"Magpie" is a reprint of Millennium Blades. In addition to the base Millennium Blades, we are reworking the product line a bit. The large number of mini-expansions (14 now, wow!) will be condensed down into several new Set Rotation-sized expansions. Collusion's content will also be pruned down and placed into a reasonably-sized expansion. If you already own all of Millennium Blades, there won't be anything new in this reprint (except the new cover arts). However, if you've been waiting to jump in, this is a great time to start!

Artwork for Project Snowy Owl, courtesy of Level 99 Games.
Artwork for Project Snowy Owl, courtesy of Level 99 Games.

Project Snowy Owl

"Snowy Owl" is a new role-playing game set at Argent University. You may have seen some magic school roleplaying in the past, but nothing will prepare you for the unique experience that awaits at Argent. With over 100 magical classes to attend, six detailed sports to play, a lively cast of new and returning faculty, and a totally new way to build characters, "Snowy Owl" will provide an unparalleled roleplaying experience!

Project Condor

"Condor" is a reprint of BattleCON 4th Edition. There are no major changes to this printing, but we are still in the early stages of planning. Depending on demand, we may update some additional BattleCON products to 4th Edition.

Project Falcon

"Falcon" is new game of tactical conquest from designer Trey Chambers. For the first time, you will be able to lead the nations of Indines in a geopolitical struggle for control of the continent. War is multi-dimensional, and you will need to manage economy, magical research, political connections, and military tactics in order to prevail. This game also re-imagines the World of Indines through a brand new lens. We'll get to see all our favorite characters rendered in a grim-and-gritty new style. Look out for it in the last quarter of 2022!

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