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Level 99 Games Announces Pixel Tactics Online For Summer 2021
Level 99 Games announced a brand new game this week as they will be releasing Pixel Tactics Online later this Summer This game has been designed to be a total throwback to the classic strategy gaming titles of old, only with an online element thrown into the mix Every single unit on the field has[...]
Bullet Orange, By Level 99 Games, Ending Preorders April 21st
Level 99 Games, the company known for such board games as Sakura Arms and Bullet Heart and the Exceed Fighting System series of card games, has announced that after Tuesday, April 20th, preorder bonuses will no longer apply to orders of their newest expansion for Bullet Heart, Bullet Orange As of tomorrow, Wednesday April 21st, you'll still be able to[...]
BattleCon Game Remastered For Level99 Games' 10th Anniversary
Level 99 Games, the creators of such games as EXCEED Fighting System and Sakura Arms, are celebrating ten years of continued success in the field of tabletop gaming As such, they are remastering one of their most classic games, BattleCON, to mark the occasion. The box for BattleCON Devastation of Indines, the remastered version of Level 99 Games'[...]
Sakura Arms, Level99's New Game, On Kickstarter October 27th
Level 99 Games, the tabletop gaming company responsible for EXCEED Fighting System and Pixel Tactics, is putting their next upcoming game, entitled Sakura Arms, onto Kickstarter on October 27th This game is popular in Japan, where it is currently produced by its creators, BakaFire Party. A selection of a few of the Megami goddesses players can play as in[...]
Level 99's Shoot-Em-Up Puzzle Board Game Bullet On Kickstarter
Level 99 Games has put out a new game on Kickstarter called Bullet The game is a shoot-em-up-style, real-time puzzle game where players assume the role of heroines from magical-girl anime-style backgrounds and attempt to defeat their opponent with a variety of different types of weapons in each of their arsenals. An array of the components[...]
Review: Exceed Fighting System Card Game's Plague Knight Box
Hey there, loyal readers! We recently got ahold of a copy of the Exceed Fighting System's Plague Knight expansion box from their Shovel Knight line of cards, made by Level 99 Games in a licensing deal with Yacht Club Games, and we aim to review them as best we can. The front of the box for the[...]
Level 99 Games Announces "Exceed: Shovel Knight"
Ahead of PAX West 2019, Level 99 Games has announced their latest board game in partnership with Yacht Club Games with Exceed: Shovel Knight This is a fighting card game based on the Shovel Knight universe where you can play as Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Enchantress, and all eight knights from Order of No Quarter[...]
Making a Hadouken in Street Fighter Exceed at PAX East 2019
A game that came up on our PAX East radar a bit on accident was a card game called Street Fighter Exceed from Level 99 Games The company sent out info saying to "Come play Tycho's favorite game", as in Tycho Brahe, aka Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins If they're saying Jerry loves it, you[...]