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Life Beyond Receives First Major Gameplay Trailer

Darewise Entertainment released a new trailer this week for Life Beyond, showing off our first look at the gameplay to come. The team has been bragging so far that this game will have a couple of different elements going for it as they have developed a socio-tech metaverse within a play-and-earn MMO title. You'll essentially be playing as a pioneer in a new world braving the wilds to help discover what your superiors hope is a brand new life for all of mankind. This short trailer shows off what you'll be doing on the new planet to a degree as you try to settle on the planet. Enjoy the trailer below as you can sign up for the alpha at the link above.

Life Beyond Receives First Major Gameplay Trailer
Credit: Darewise Entertainment

This new world is yours to explore, conquer, and shape! You will be provided with everything you need to build your own society. From a bartender to a nurse, from a mayor to a mercenary, from a benevolent and sustainable society to a western conquest mindset, join us and create your Life Beyond! On Dolos, you will discover, fight, and collaborate to try to eradicate the planetary threats such as alien nano-bots. Removal of the threat is just the beginning of the game experience. You will have to organize yourselves and establish your own societies with unique economic systems and governance, all of which will be shaped by you, the player. Life Beyond has three main game pillars of Pioneering, Settling, and Governance.

  • Pioneering: You will be able to explore the mysteries that Dolos' landscape holds and engage incombat. Tame ancient nanotech corrupting Dolos, collect resources and ancient tech, cleanseancientruins in order to conquer regions.
  • Settling: Transform conquered regions into lands to be settled and inhabited by other players. Build housing and provide leisure and economic activities for the populace. Trade resources andgoods, blueprints, and techto support a new civilization of pioneers. Deal with thieves andcriminals and organize town defenses against attacks from nano enemies.
  • Governance: Define and enact the rules of your society. Choose whether to pursue personal wealth and control of your neighborhood, or develop a more democratic organization. Holdelections, organize the market, impose taxes, regulate the economy, define policies, and deploy police forces to maintain order. Convince other towns to follow your model or fight against themto impose your supremacy.

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