Lumberjack's Dynasty Receives A New Lifestyle Trailer

Toplitz Productions has released a new trailer for Lumberjack's Dynasty to show off what life is like for you choppin' wood for a living. If you think it's all just going out into the woods with a chainsaw and cutting down pine trees, you're mistaken, as the game opens up a whole mess of options for a local lumberjack to do. Aside from taking care of your own workspace out in the woods, you also provide a service to the community by clearing out dead wood, offering supplies to locals, and doing repair work on a number of projects that need your expertise. You can read more about the trailer and the game below as they show off a lot more aspects of the game where living the outdoor lifestyle can be a hard but rewarding business. The game is currently out in Early Access on Steam as we wait for an official release date.

Lumberjacks Dynasty Blue Tractor
Credit: Toplitz Productions

Lumberjack's Dynasty combines the traditional life simulation genre with elements of the role-playing genre, creating a modern forestry simulation game, Lumberjack's Dynasty challenges players to manage forests, harvest timber, and produce high-quality lumber and other products for sale. They will get behind the controls of heavy logging equipment and harvest prime timber as they grow to become major producers in the lumber industry while ensuring the prosperity of their family for generations to come — creating a true dynasty!

Today's new trailer showcases three key elements of Lumberjack's Dynasty: social interactions, construction and maintenance, and quests. To succeed and build a booming business, players will need to build a community with their neighbors, while taking on various tasks, or quests, offered by the locals. Of course, running a timber business takes more than talking, and viewers of today's trailer will get a first-hand look at the family farmhouse as it is being restored to its former glory.

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