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Indie developer Bitfall Studios and publisher Toplitz Productions announced their latest game on the way with TerraScape The game allows you to create your own dream city on a hexagonal plane, as you'll use cards to add buildings and expand your kingdom in a very specific area As you go, you'll earn points and rewards[...]
Wild West Dynasty Releases Brand New Teaser Trailer
Toplitz Productions and Moon Punch Studio have given their latest game Wild West Dynasty an official release date for PC The devs confirmed that the game is now set to be released on February 16th, 2023 However, the game will launch as an Early Access title first instead of being the full game, as they[...]
Toplitz Productions Announce They Will Publish Serum
Toplitz Productions officially revealed today they will be releasing the upcoming survival title from Game Island called Serum The game centers around what you will need to do to live after a mysterious green liquid has entered your system, changing a number of things within yourself At the moment, this one is a long ways[...]
Wild West Dynasty Releases Brand New Teaser Trailer
Toplitz Productions and Moon Punch Studio released a brand new teaser trailer today for their upcoming western title, Wild West Dynasty If you haven't seen this game yet, this is going to be an open-world title that will blend survival with roleplaying together while also adding a bit of city builder to the mix It[...]
GOAL! - The Club Manager
Toplitz Productions announced a brand new manager game today as they will be releasing GOAL! – The Club Manager this year The main goal of this game is to get in on other football/soccer manager games that have cornered the market by providing a different kind of experience to those who may not be interested[...]
Starsand Is Headed To Steam Early Access In Q4 2021
Toplitz Productions and developer Tunnel Vision Studio revealed this week their next game Starsand will be coming to Early Access The game takes cues from a few different sci-fi novels, most prominently Stargate as part of the inspiration The game is a first-person survival adventure title where you're stranded on a harsh desert world you've[...]
Lumberjacks Dynasty Blue Tractor
Toplitz Productions has released a new trailer for Lumberjack's Dynasty to show off what life is like for you choppin' wood for a living If you think it's all just going out into the woods with a chainsaw and cutting down pine trees, you're mistaken, as the game opens up a whole mess of options[...]
Lumberjack's Dynasty Main Art
Toplitz Productions announced this week that Lumberjack's Dynasty will be coming to Steam's Early Access in April From the same company that brought you Farmer's Dynasty, Medieval Dynasty, and Trucker's Dynasty now you can live out your dreams of chopping wood in the Pacific Northwest and see what life is like being a lumberjack Sort[...]
"Farmer's Dynasty" Has Been Added To EA Origin
Developed by Toplitz Productions, the game is a farming sim with a few added elements of country life Can you save the farm by using the equipment and tools given to you? Good luck rebuilding your grandfather's old farm as you try to relive your family's business and start your own Farmer's Dynasty Here's some[...]
"Cattle And Crops" Is Coming To PC After New Partnership
This morning, Toplitz Productions announced they have formed a new partnership with Masterbrain Bytes to fully release their farming game Cattle and Crops The game has been sitting in Early Access on Steam for over two years as a casual farm simulation game, but really hasn't really changed much toward becoming a full-fledged release While[...]
Toplitz Productions Releases "Mad Games Tycoon" For PC & Consoles
This week, Toplitz Productions released their latest gaming endeavor as we get to make our own studio in Mad Games Tycoon The game puts you in the role of a video game developer starting small and slowly building your studio as you create indie games for gamers It handles everything including getting them onto the[...]
Auto Draft
This particular version developed by Toplitz Productions isn't entirely focused on realism and is more centralized around the effort and the life of a farmer In fact, a lot of what you do in the game is more about managing the farm and working with the town in a way that's similar to The Sims[...]