Madden NFL 21 Shows Off More Content From The Yard

After already being revealed to the public to a degree, EA Sports is showing off more of The Yard mode from Madden NFL 21. The mode is designed to take you back to the days when football was a lot simpler and you were basically just playing for the game. That includes playing in high school, playing in summer leagues, and playing on fields just for fun. As such, a lot of the controls have been simplified, the playbook is different, the point totals as lower, and there are objectives to try and achieve. We have a snippet of the info about the mode, which you can read more about here. Plus, you can see these new screenshots and the latest trailer.

Getting back to your roots in Madden NFL 21 as you play in The Yard, courtesy of EA Sports.
Getting back to your roots in Madden NFL 21 as you play in The Yard, courtesy of EA Sports.

Our first experiences with football are usually in the backyard. The playground is also home to many of the fondest of football memories; where end zones are the end of a parking lot or a treeline and Mississippi isn't just a place, but a rule. These feelings, and the fun they represent, live on past the backyard in flag football, 7-on-7 drills, and improvisation of downtime during practice.

The Yard is built to make that feeling a reality in Madden. Where you can pick up a ball, be anyone, line up anywhere, and play both sides of the ball. The rules and goals may change depending on where you play, but the game is always the same – how can you keep the play going and create amazing moments. Best of all, your Avatar is at the center of the experience, and how you express yourself is everything. That is what drove us to build this experience. We wanted to give you a place in Madden where you were at the center of it all: how you look, how you progress, and how you play.

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