Magic: ManaStrike Just Got An Ixalan Season 2 Update

Netmareble has released a new update for Magic: ManaStrike as players will be introduced to Ixalan Season 2. The update includes a new Magic Pass Rewards and two new colorless unit cards that have been made available for players to use. Those cards are Livewire Lash and Gadget Swarm, which you can read more about below. If you haven't had a chance to play the game yet, this is basically a much faster action-packed version of Magic: The Gathering where the rules of the game have been boiled down into a quicker system for you to dish out spells and creatures. if you know how to play MTG, this is a quick game to pick up, if you're looking for something new to play in that same genre.

A brief look at what's available in season two, courtesy of Netmarble.
A brief look at what's available in season two, courtesy of Netmarble.

Two new colorless unit cards have been made available for players to use in the game – Livewire Lash and Gadget Swarm. Livewire Lash enables melee attacks against enemy ground and air units, dealing additional damage based on an enemy's max HP. Gadget Swarm summons three Hedron Scouts and three Clockwork Beetles. Hedron Scouts engage in melee attacks on enemy ground units and Clockwork Beetles delivers ranged attacks on enemy air and ground units.

New Magic Pass Rewards include a Planeswalker selector, Skin selector, Level Boost Voucher, Emojis and Player icons. Similar to last season, the Planeswalker Selector, which allows a player to choose one of three Planeswalkers released during the soft launch, will be available as a Magic Pass reward. Magic: ManaStrike explores the depth of Magic: The Gathering's vast multiverse in a whole new genre with a fast-paced PVP strategy game. After losing a war with the Planeswalkers, Magic: The Gathering's most powerful villain Nicol Bolas creates a parallel universe to find the Planeswalkers' weaknesses. Players enter a contract with Nicol Bolas to provide combat data by controlling Planeswalkers and units in his universe.

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