Magic: The Gathering Pro Yuuya Watanabe Banned and Removed From HOF

Magic: The Gathering Esports has laid down one of their strictest bans as pro-player Yuuya Watanabe has been banned from the game and kicked out of it's Hall Of Fame. The organization released the press release below letting people know that after an investigation that determined Watanabe used marked cards during tournament play, which got him disqualified from the Mythic Championship London. Watanabe took to Twitter to deny the allegations, stating that he wouldn't risk throwing his career away on the game. But the esports wing of MTG has made their decision. No word yet from the higher-ups of Wizards of the Coast if they have anything to say on the banning yet or if they'll stay out of it and allow the esports side to conduct business as they see fit.

Magic: The Gathering Pro Yuuya Watanabe Banned and Removed From HOF
credit//Wizards of the Coast

The Magic Pro League completed a thorough investigation following Yuuya Watanabe's disqualification for marked sleeves at Mythic Championship II. As part of this investigation, the sleeves in question were examined multiple times by multiple judges and tournament officials, we reviewed recordings of matches from Mythic Championship II as well as past tournaments, and we considered statements from Watanabe as well as Mythic Championship II judges and tournament officials. The result of that investigation is that, effective immediately, Watanabe is banned from DCI-sanctioned events for a period of 30 months, is removed from the MPL, and is removed from the Magic Hall of Fame.

Information on his replacement in the MPL will be announced early next week.

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