Have Mass Effect: Andromeda And Injustice 2's Release Dates Been Leaked?

It's pretty wild that Mass Effect: Andromeda doesn't have a release date yet. The game is expected to launch quite soon, but thus far, all we have is 'Spring 2017' as an indicator.

Well, thanks to a pre-order offer from Xbox, the release dates of it, as well as Injustice 2, might have let slip.  On the site, you can see Injustice 2 listed for March 28th and Mass Effect: Andromeda for March 31st.


Now, here is where things get tricky. March 31st could well be a placeholder date as it is the end of the fiscal year. In fact, I'd write this off as just that but there are a few things to consider.

This promotion is only for games coming out (or very close to) the first three months of the year. This wouldn't make sense if it was coming out much after the start of April. Also, March 31st is a Friday this year, which is the day EA often put out their most anticipated games (See Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 last year.) This is also the kind of date that has been popping up alongside rumours. Is that enough to confirm this? No. But certainly enough to ponder.

Add on top of that, Injustice 2 is set for March 28th on the listing. That is a Tuesday, which the day when most games that aren't from EA come out.

Again, nothing confirmed here, but enough to make you wonder.

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