Mattel Releases Massive Group Version Uno Party

Mattel revealed a brand new version of Uno on sale today as you can get your hands on the massive party title, Uno Party. This is a version of the game that has been designed to be for up to giant 16-player parties. So no longer will a giant group feel left out or have too few cards on the table, as this version caters to a large group with new cards that will spice up the gameplay. Here's the official rundown from the company.

Mattel Releases Massive Group Version Uno Party
Credit: Mattel

Uno Party

Gather everyone around for Uno Party Card Game, with classic gameplay Uno Card Game players know and love, plus extra cards and special rules designed specifically for large groups to keep the party going! This version's rules will have players passing cards until someone can't play, pointing at other players to draw cards, and linking two players together who must draw at the same time. There's even a new Speed Play rule. Designed for 6 to 16 players ages seven years and older, Uno Party is a fun game to bring together families and friends at parties and on game nights!

  • ​The gameplay mirrors the classic game, but with special rules designed for large groups – from 6 to 16 players!
  • The Point Taken rule has all players pointing at other players, then each player must draw as many cards as there are fingers pointing at them!
  • ​The Drawn Together rule links two players together who must draw cards at the same time
  • ​Speed Play lets players play a card out of turn — if they are fast enough!
  • ​The Direction Tracker card helps keep track of the direction of game play
  • ​Perfect for parties and large groups, Uno Party game makes a great gift for party hosts everywhere!
Auto Draft
Credit: Mattel

The game is currently on sale, but you can only get it through Target for $15.

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