Ubisoft Adds UNO Flip To UPlay As An Option For UNO

Ubisoft Adds "UNO Flip" To UPlay As An Option For "UNO"

Ubisoft has added a new version of UNO into the game on the UPlay servers as players can now try their hands at UNO Flip This version of the game comes as a purchasable DLC pack, which you can get on the PC version as well as all the consoles versions for $5 Along with[...]

Mattel Releases A Nonpartisan Uno To Avoid Politics

Mattel Releases A "Nonpartisan Uno" To Avoid Politics

You know we live in the worst timeline when even Uno needs to change the colors on their cards to get politics away from families Mattel has released a brand new version of the classic card game called Nonpartisan Uno It's meant to be a light-hearted jab at the idea that politics have become so[...]

Mattel and NetEase have Launched UNO on Mobile

Mattel and NetEase have Launched UNO! on Mobile

[caption id="attachment_973895" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Mattel163[/caption]Mattel and NetEase, through their development studio Mattel163, announced their first game collaboration by bringing UNO! to mobile devices as a worldwide standalone app The game was previously available on mobile in select territories and through the Facebook Instant Games app, where it has already collected 45 million players[...]

Worst Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays

Worst Games to Play with Your Family at the Holidays

Trust me. UNO is capable of ruining friendships, relationships, and even bonds between twins So clearly, you’ll want to leave this one out unless you want your holiday party to end fast Between all the skips, draw twos, and color changes, UNO tends to force groups to devolve real quick The weakest family link always gets[...]