Meet The Cast of Game Freak's "Little Town Hero" In New Trailer

Game Freak has debuted a new trailer for its upcoming role-playing game Little Town Hero, showcasing both its expansive cast of characters and score. Its lively soundtrack is featured prominently throughout the new clip. Composed by Undertale's Toby Fox and Pokémon core soundtrack designer Hitomi Sato, it's full of lively tunes.

Meet The Cast of Game Freak's "Little Town Hero" In New Trailer
Credit: Game Freak

Little Town Hero is the brainchild of Pokémon developer Masao Taya, who's been on board with the series since Ruby and Sapphire. The turn-based RPG has players using new "ideas" to defeat monsters terrorizing an isolated town that villagers can't leave. But one young man has spent his whole life yearning to do so. When he finds a strange red stone in the coal mines, he begins learning about where the monsters terrorizing the village came from.

The trailer introduces protagonist Axe, who spends much of his time dreaming of the world outside. There's also his childhood friend, Pasmina the sheepherder. Axe's friend Nelz is also along for the ride, a valuable friend who often gets into mischief. Ember is Axe's single mother, who raised him all on her own. There's no talk of what happened to Axe's father, but that appears to be a mainstay in the Pokémon games, too. Axe's rival Matock can also be lurking around the village as well.

Little Town Hero is an intriguing game that seems to be shirking most traditional JRPG trappings. For instance, there won't be any need to grind for levels. You'll also have to figure out unique strategies to defeat each boss monster. Each one has their own weaknesses. It looks like this colorful little adventure is poised to have something for everyone, from catchy music to unique mechanics. Little Town Hero will arrive on October 16 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. You can pre-order it now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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