Coriolis Announces Final Chapter For Mercy Of The Icons

Free League Publishing revealed the latest addition for Coriolis – The Third Horizon as Part 3 of Mercy Of The Icons is on the way. This final book brings about a ton of new content for players to dive into as Wake Of The Icons adds a thrilling conclusion to the sci-fi RPG's storyline. The third book will sell on its own for $40 (with a free PDF copy for those who like to play digitally), as well as a bundle that's going for about $46 that will include extra content. You can pre-order either one right now as this will be released sometime in Q1 2023.

Coriolis Announces Final Chapter For Mercy Of The Icons
Credit: Free League Publishing

"The heavy aroma of incense and sugared dates spread from the Market Square on the Coriolis space station. At first glance, nothing seems out of place. Peddlers are loudly pushing their wares along the Promenade, pilgrims flock in prayer before Icon statues in the station's temples, and courtesans offer candied rose petals to blissful clients under Alkamaar's space dome. But the calm is deceptive. A veiled emissary, a representative of powerful lifeforms residing in the depths of the gas giant Xene, has arrived at the station with strange tidings. Rumors are spreading, about displays of terrifying mystical powers and about star systems that are isolating in fear of what's to come. The Council of Factions, always so outspoken, has gone dead silent. The Third Horizon is entering a new era, still unknown, shrouded in darkness. Will the future be revealed by the light of the Icons, or by the roaring firestorms of war?"

"The Mercy of the Icons campaign lets the gaming group experience and influence a universally disruptive shift in the history of the Third Horizon, a period of time when a new era is born out of the corrupt and pain-stricken corpse of what has been. Tensions between cultures, factions, and individuals, rooted in the time of the Portal Wars and traceable back to the cradle of human civilization, turn into open conflicts that threaten to evolve into all-out war. And this happens at a time when the people of the Horizon must come together and join forces, for the greatest threat of all is still biding its time, veiled by the Dark Between the Stars… Mercy of the Icons consists of three episodes following a timeline that starts with the arrival of the mysterious Emissary of Xene and ends when the future of the Third Horizon is decided. The players and their characters will not be passive spectators in the emerging story. On the contrary, if they show themselves worthy of the blessings and mercy of the Icons, they may very well find themselves in both terrifying and overwhelming position to greatly impact what's in store for the Horizon and its people."

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