Messing Around With JiNX's Latest Minecraft Adventure Figures

Recently we reviewed a set of Minecraft toys from JiNX that were pretty cool as they came in small boxes where you could connect all the pieces. But after that review, JiNX sent us something a little more awesome our way from their Minecraft line. A new set of Adventure Figures were sent our way to check out, a total of six characters in all. The line includes Diamond Steve, Enchanted Alex, a Zombie, a Skeleton, a Creeper, and a Zombie Pigman.


Each character stands about six inches tall with a base for them to stand on, each designed to detail of what they look like inside the game. Even the weapons are to scale of what you'd see each character holding if you walked up to them, including the Skeleton's bow. While they all look awesome, the downside is that they're barely action figures. They all stay on their base and you're unable to disconnect them from it. You can move their heads and arms to give each of them a different kind of pose, but their torso and legs stay stationary, which is a bit of a pain when you look at a character like the Creeper and they can't move anywhere beyond where you aim their head.


The line itself is really cool to have, they are fantastic representations of the Minecraft characters themselves, but they just don't fit the bill when it comes to action figures. If you enjoy having poseable figures on your desk that don't really go anywhere, these are right up your alley. If you want more substance than that, they might not be your thing. That being said, they are well designed and if you are a Minecraft collector, they might fit into your collection well.

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