Mobius Final Fantasy Now Comes With A Hard Mode


Square Enix has updated their mobile card-based RPG Mobius Final Fantasy to include a new Hard Mode difficulty for the game's story. Fans can now start the game over from Chapter 1 with "Chapter 1: Blank Slate (Hard Mode)" which will allow them to join grueling battles with tougher enemies and increased rewards. The second chapter, "Hope and Prophecy (Hard Mode)" will be available for all players on May 23rd.

Mobius Final Fantasy's may update schedule continues with the addition of new ability cards and a new supreme card, granting the warriors of light more ways to attack enemies. These new multiplayer "Taunt" cards will feature Cerberus, Vanadis, Loxley, Titania, Jupitera and Sabnock and allow players to provoke and force enemies to attack. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy VI's Duncan Harcourt makes his debut with the "Duncan: FFVI" Supreme Card which is available until June 1st.

Thats a whole lot of updates for a mobile title, especially one that isn't Square's top selling mobile game. But it does belong to their flagship franchise, so I guess it isn't too surprising that they've added a ton of support to it. Square doesn't mess around with game difficulty, either, so you know the story hard mode is going to be at decent challenge, not the most difficult, but it'll be a decent upgrade from the game's current difficulty.

Now if only they'd release a savage mode..

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