Monster Hunter: World Has Shipped 5 Million in its First Three Days

Monster Hunter: World has hit a big milestone quickly, shipping 5 million copies of the game in three days.

monster hunter: world

The big question surrounding Monster Hunter: World was if it would sell, particularly in the West. In Japan, the franchise is a behemoth but it's never quite penetrated other parts of the world in the same way. With its focus now away from handheld and building a game to make use of the considerable power of home consoles, it probably has its best chance to crack that nut.

Early reports are that things are looking promising on that front. Capcom has announced that the game shipped a staggering 5 million units in its first three days. This is the most the series has ever done in the same time period, proving that this game could be getting ready to really pop off ont he charts. (The number includes digital download sales.)

Note, shipped does not equal sold through to customers. This is how many units have been sold to shops directly (excluding digital sales of course, which are sold through). That being said, most shops have a pretty good handle on how much stock to buy, and its a huge vote of confidence that there are so many copies out there in the wild.

Here's hoping the game does continue to do well, as it will shape the franchise for the future. As I've stated extensively, I think the game is excellent. It's such an exciting time for this series and it looks like the world might finally be jumping on board.