Monster Hunter: World's Day One Patch Brings In Multiplayer and Poogies

Capcom has outlined the day one patch that will come with Monster Hunter: World, set to launch this Friday.

monster hunter world

Monster Hunter: World is not far away now. The game is set to land later this week, and it seems there is a real fever pitch around this one. Taking away some of the obtuse parts of the gameplay and making a (partially) open world game has seemingly begun to finally see the series get some penetration in the West. Many believe this might finally be the game to make the game a proper mega-hit outside of its native Japan. There certainly seems to be a lot of excitement coming out of the game's three betas.

Before you hop into the world though, you will have to make sure to download the day one patch for the game. If you don't you'll be missing some pretty key features, including the entire multiplayer portion of the game, which makes up a large chunk of the experience. Of course, the most important addition will be that of a Poogie, a little pig in a pyjama suit. Here is everything the patch will add:

Additional Systems

  • Unlocks online-use systems including multiplayer, event quests, and chat.
  • Adds function to receive additional content to the player's My House room service.
  • Adds gallery function to the title menu to replay event scenes.
    • Adds a Gallery Mode that enables you to watch the event scenes you have previously seen. The appearance of the player character will change based on the save data.


  • Mascot character Poogie added to Research Commission HQ.
    • As you progress through the story, Poogie will appear in the distribution area of Research Commission HQ. You can deepen your friendship with him through skillful petting. If you pick him up and take him around, something good may happen.


Additional Display Languages

In addition to the Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish included in all versions of the game, the following display languages have been added for specific versions:

  • Japan: No additional languages
  • Asia: Traditional Chinese and Korean
  • North America: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Europe: Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Arabic

Additional voiced languages have not been added. All versions of the game will feature Monster Hunter language, Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish voiced language options.


Fixed some bugs

We will have a lot to say about Monster Hunter: World a little later on this week, so make sure to stay tuned here.